It has been a questionable statement concerning the actual distance involved, but something like “Anything more than 500 yards from the car just isn’t photogenic” was said by Edward Weston. Others , even in modern times, have repudiated that statement by either hiking in with a large format camera or even using pack animals to carry their roving gear caravan complete with camping equipment and photo gear.

Many bike tourists keep a running photo blog as a narrative of their exotic locales and progression on their journey.  I would assert that few would disagree with the statement that how one feels about the landscape has a lot to do with what one is doing in the landscape, so how one got to one’s location may have something to do with that experience, it may also not.

while biking is an amalgamation on many of these ideas, certainly not epic travel photography (although I’m game for that), but rather photographs of notable vistas within the common landscape.  These are places along the road that one bikes by every time you ride on that road.  Many regular riders around Madison, Wisconsin may recognize the location where the images are made  (or repeatedly made as the landscape changes).

All of the images from while biking are made at least an hour from Madison, Wisconsin accessed by road bike with simple equipment for the type of image needed.  The images are taken often while holding up the bike and are road on more so than road side images (no scampering down the ravine for the photo in my Sidis).

The current collection were made in the fall of 2014 while figuring out the workflow needed to photograph many of the landscapes I have seen on a bike.

urban uni is on the other hand are photographs made within some degree of confinement encountered with exploration as a response (limits set by geography or winter).  All of the images are made within the radius available by 29″ unicycle (public transportation for the uni hasn’t been utilized so far) and no attempts to stillstand while taking the images has been attempted either.

The equipment can be simple, or as in the past, heavy and complex.  There is no stipulation as to how far one has to be from the point of departure with urban uni.  Some urban uni  collections could be considered travel photography, but with exception of tourist attractions, either way one has to get to know the mundane to make an interesting photograph of it.

The current collection of images were made in Wellington, New Zealand where we visited during Unicon 15.

Click on any image to go to a 2000 pixel wide image (that you have to back out of).

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